Spider Silk on the Little Atoms Road Trip

November 25, 2012

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Last summer, London community radio chat show host Neil Denny made his way across the United States interviewing scientists and science writers for his Little Atoms Road Trip series of podcasts. On his last day of touring, he stopped by my house to talk about Spider Silk. The podcast went up last Thursday.

It was an honor to be included in such a distinguished list of interviewees. I highly recommend listening to the whole series--you'll learn a lot.

Skeptically Speaking Spider Silk Podcast…

January 14, 2012

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…is now available here. It was great fun talking with host Desiree Schell. The episode begins with an interesting conversation with Ed Yong about recent research resulting in hybrid spider-silkworm silk.

Spider Silk on Skeptically Speaking

January 7, 2012

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I'll be interviewed tomorrow night, Sunday January 8th, 6PM Mountain Time, on Skeptically Speaking. Please click on the link for details and instructions on how to submit questions. Should be fun!

Spider Silk on Word of Mouth

October 31, 2011

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Virginia Prescott of New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth program had some great questions about spiders and spider silk this Halloween. You can listen in here.

Spider Silk on Future Proof

July 30, 2011

Tags: talks

Earlier this month, I had a fun interview with Jonathan McCrea of Ireland’s Future Proof radio program. Here’s the podcast; my segment starts at 10 minutes in.

Talking Bugs

November 18, 2010

Tags: talks

Dr. George McGavin and BBC Wildlife Magazine features editor Ben Hoare and staff writer James Fair have a fun and illuminating talk about insects, spiders, and other arthropods, as well as evolution, habitat loss, insects as food, and something I hadn't heard of and hope never to encounter, terrestrial leeches. About a third of the way through, listen for a nice mention of Spider Silk.

Porter Square Books

July 1, 2010

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Porter Square Books, a great independent bookstore in Cambridge, MA, offered us the venue for the first official Spider Silk reading, and about 90 people turned out! The audience asked great questions and seemed just as amazed at and intrigued by the diversity of spider silk uses as Leslie was when she first started working with Cay. Thanks to Ellen, Nathan, and Josh at PSB and to all who attended.


"...a compelling introduction to evolution in action through the lens of spiders and their silks."

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