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BBC Wildlife Magazine and SB&F Like Spider Silk

In my experience working with third graders, they all love to get star stickers on their work. I'm not sure what this says about our psychosocial development, but so do we: we just got 6, plus some nice comments, and we're floating. The American Association for the Advancement of Science's Science Books and Film awarded us two out of two stars, and the BBC Wildlife Magazine gave us four out of five (five stars indicates "a classic," and we are first-timers, so we're not disappointed we didn't get full marks). To read excerpts from the reviews, please go to our press/links tab.

And if you want to spread the good cheer contained in these reviews, consider this: Spider Silk makes the perfect gift if you celebrate Christmas, and celebrate it with a Christmas tree. One legend has it that a poor family couldn't afford tree decorations. A spider they had treated gently spun silk all up and down the tree as they slept the night before Christmas. When the sun streaming through the window the next morning hit the threads of silk, they turned into silver. And, supposedly, this explains why people strew tinsel on their trees.
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